The Shaken Baby Syndrome Myth
renamed "Abusive Head Trauma" or "Non-Accidental Injury"



* SBS began as an unproven theory and medical opinions, now discredited by biomechanical engineering studies
* No DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS done to eliminate other causes, abuse assumed without evidence
* Shaken Baby diagnostic symptoms not caused by shaking
* Child protective agencies snatch children, destroy families based on medical accusations without proof of wrong-doing
*Poor or deceptive police investigations, falsified reports, perjured testimony threaten legal rights, due process
* Prosecutors seek "victory", over justice; defense attorneys guilty of ineffective counsel, ignorance, lack of effort
* Care-takers threatened, manipulated, in order to force plea bargains, false confessions
* A fractured criminal justice system--a big piece for the rich, a small piece for the poor, and none for alleged SBS cases.



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Handwritten Report


Called parents back--FOB (father of baby) carrying baby, MOB (mother of baby) carrying bag and car seat. Asked routine questions--normal pregnancy, yes: Induced or spontaneous. delivery--mom looked puzzled and looked at FOB--he responded with, "they broke her H20". Asked if breast-fed or formula-fed. MOB replied breast and FOB replied formula-then MOB said is given formula @ times. MOB wasn't sure of name of formula. FOB replied Similac.

FOB was asking about "red marks" on baby's eyes. MOB said she contacted the Mary Bridge nurse because MOB has "arthritis" [sic] and she (MOB) that the eye redness was arthritis ("iritis"). FOB and MOB said baby has been crying a lot and maybe the eyes (then FOB showed me the baby's eyelids that were red and discolored) could be from the baby crying.

FOB asked about the blisters on baby chin. I asked what happened. FOB said they (MOB and FOB and baby) went shopping on Tuesday 12/12/00. Baby started coughing and FOB said the next day she had the blisters. MOB said she (baby) had the blisters after they got back from shopping. MOB said she called the nurse @ Mary Bridge Hospital and told her about the blisters and the nurse said she has a cold and doesn't need to be seen.

FOB still holding baby while sitting down on bench. FOB placed baby against his chest. FOB was wearing a white furry jacket. Baby's face was against the fur. MOB told FOB to move her head because MOB was afraid she would inhale some of the fuzzy jacket. FOB stated if she (the baby) couldn't breath then she (the baby) would turn her own head.

MOB started talking about the baby being hospitalized for one week because the baby stopped breathing. FOB said the doctors all thought she had some kind of rare blood disease and she (the baby) had to be "poked" and FOB said "She had all kinds of shit done to her." FOB said they still weren't sure what's wrong with her.

Baby cried every time FOB moved her. I asked if baby usually cries this much. MOB said yes. I asked even when baby came home from the hospital? MOB replied "no, she has always cried and my mother says she has colic. But the cry has been louder the last 2-3 days." FOB replied that the baby "must have a cold."

I asked FOB and MOB to undress the baby down to her diaper so that I can weigh her, get her length and check her head circumference. FOB laid baby on table to undress her. Baby screamed piercing cry. I asked MOB if the baby usually cried like that. She said yes. The MOB & FOB wanted to know if I thought the baby had colic? I said I would make a note of it and Dr. Clapper would be able to give them an answer. MOB looked over at the baby and MOB said to FOB, "you can't hold her like that because you left a red mark on her face". I looked at baby's face and there was a small red mark on baby's left cheek. FOB said he didn't touch her there, but he held her head still by (then he showed me and MOB) placing his left thumb on baby's right side of the temporal lobe and placed his finger to the left side of the baby's temporal lobe. I did not see any marks. MOB asked why the baby would get marks so easily? I said that the baby has sensitive skin and we have to be gentle with them.

FOB finished undressing the baby (while the baby cried). The FOB carried the baby to the scale. I weighed the baby. I told FOB to take the baby back to the room. He did and laid the baby on the table. Once the FOB left the baby to still (?). Baby stopped crying. I picked up the baby so I could turn her to get her length. She cried. FOB and MOB were standing next to me. I asked again if she always cries with that high pitch. MOB replied, "She's just tired and has a cold." I finished measuring her and told the FOB and MOB to wrap the baby in a blanket and Doctor Clapper would be in shortly.

I left the room and told Dr. Clapper that I thought there was something wrong with the baby because of the high pitch cries and the frequency of crying.

I was putting the chart together and MOB came out of the room by herself and said she was concerned about how little the baby seemed to be eating. I asked how much does she eat & MOB replied 1/2 ounce to 1 ounce every hour. I asked when the baby eats the 1/2 to 1 ounce what does she (the baby) do? MOB replied, "she falls asleep." I told MOB that I would let Dr. Clapper know and he would give his advice to how much he thought the baby should eat. She went back to the room.

After putting the paperwork for the baby together I went in their room to give them the baby's measurements. FOB had the baby on the table. I looked at the baby and she had what appeared to me was vasoline on her chin where the blisters were. I asked the FOB what was on her, he replied "A & D ointment;" that the nurse @ Mary Bridge told him to apply the ointment.

Dr. Clapper asked if I would get an O2Sat on baby. I went in there. MOB was very upset and crying. FOB was holding baby. I told them what I was going to do. MOB said she knew about that from when they went to the hospital for one week. FOB replied that this was stupid and that there was nothing wrong with the baby. MOB replied she was extremely tired of last time she was at the hospital because the nurses @ T6 (Mary Bridge) kept waking MOB up every two hours to feed the baby. She seemed to be irritated about this. MOB replied saying Dr. Clapper is over-reacting and that the baby just has a cold, and there is nothing wrong with her. FOB seemed to be angry. I asked if they wanted to talk with Dr. Clapper again, they said no. After getting the 02SAT-which I told the parents it was100% MOB said that having the baby go in the ambulance was "freaking" (her?) out. MOB asked if they could take the baby by their car. I told them I couldn't override what Dr. Clapper had said and if they wanted to talk to Dr. Clapper again and MOB asked ROB who was looking out the window and just shrugged his shoulders. MOB started crying again and said she would like to talk to Dr. Clapper.

When paramedics arrived FOB and MOB stayed seated on the bench. After the paramedics took her away. MOB was crying. Neither FOB or MOB went with the baby in the ambulance. FOB and MOB left after the baby was gone.

Dianne Jacobs Thompson  Est. 2007
Also (alternative medicine featuring drugless cancer treatments)
Author publication: NEXUS MAGAZINE "Seawater--A Safe Blood Plasma Substitute?"